We offer a full Removals and Storage Insurance, giving you the peace of mind that your property is completely protected whilst your move takes place. In addition to our commercial removals services, we offer full removals and storage insurance for businesses and their property, goods and equipment. Our ‘Removals and Storage Policy’ (also known as Goods In Transit & Storage Insurance) allows you to rest assured that your valuable items are completely protected during the moving process.

Although our highly specialist team take the utmost care when moving and transporting your goods, we highly recommend our commercial removals insurance. ‘Extended’ or ‘Standard’ Liability policies, which are often used by other removals companies, are not enough and, in fact, do not actually insure your possessions, often leaving you severely out of pocket as a result.

With comprehensive insurance you can make a direct claim against the Insurer. However, if you only have Extended or Standard Liability cover you can only claim against the mover themselves, and they may not accept liability. you’ll also have the legal option to go to the Financial Ombudsman if a dispute was to arise, whereas Extended or Standard Liability claimants do not.

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